Affective Event Resources

These Affective Event resources were developed by the NLP group at the University of Utah. This site contains three types of data: (1) the AffectEventKB data set; (2) the affective event Polarity annotations; and (3) the affective event HumanNeeds annotations.

1. Affective Event Knowledge Base (AffectEventKB)

This knowledge base contains over 100,000 events that were automatically generated from a story corpus and assigned affective polarity.

2. Event Polarity Annotations (EventPolarity)

This data set contains 1490 events with manually annotated polarity labels.

3. Human Needs Annotations (HumanNeeds)

This data set contains 559 affective events with manually annotated human need category labels.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact Haibo Ding or Tianyu Jiang.